Student Permissions Forms 28c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to grant permission to use funds for previous terms in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Self-Service

Granting Permission

Navigation:  Student Self Service

  1. Sign into your self-service.
  2. Under the Finances area, click the Payment Profile link.
Payment Profile link
  1. Select the Account Services tab.
  2. Click the Student Permissions tab. Click Grant Permission.
Student Permisssions tab
  1. After reading the description of the permission form, verify the FAPERMIT is selected. Click Next.
Select Permission Form
  1. After reading the authorization section, select Yes, I have read the agreement. Click Submit.
Permission Form Agreement
  1. You should see a green checkmark once the form has been submitted and accepted.
  2. Click View Student Permission to see it assigned to your account and to go back to your self-service account.
Student Permission Confirmation
  1. To view the agreement again, click Display Student Agreement.
Display Student Agreement link

Click Return to go back to you student self-service account.


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