Student Center: Applying for Graduation

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for Applying for Graduation in the Student Center.

Audience: Students

Navigation:  Gateway → Student Center

  1. Select the Apply for Graduation link in the Academics menu and click the button.
  1. Select the program and click the Apply for Graduation link. If you do not see your program on this list, contact your college records office.
Submit an Application for Graduation
  1. Select your Expected Graduation Term from the drop down and click Continue.
My Academics tab
  1. Verify your information and click Submit Application.
My Academics tab
  1. A confirmation message will display.
My Academics tab
  1. To view your graduation status, click the My Academics tab.
  2. Click the View Graduation Status link.
My Academics tab
  1. Click the View my graduation status link.
Graduation Status
  1. Review the information and contact your campus records office with any questions.


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