Student Center: Financial Aid Services

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using Financial Aid services in the Student Center

Audience: Students

Navigation:  Gateway → Student Center → Finances

Students can view and update Financial Aid information in the Student Center.

Viewing Financial Aid

  1. Click the View Financial Aid link in the Finances section of Student Center.
Finances Account Summary
  1. Select the Aid Year to view.
Financial Aid Select Aid Year to View
  1. The full Aid year summary displays at the top of the page and a breakdown by Terms displays at the bottom.
Award Summary

Accept/Decline Awards

  1. Click the Accept/Decline awards button from the summary page or from the main Student Center page.
    1. Click the Accept or Decline box for each Award offered.
    2. Loan amounts can be adjusted by clicking the Accept box and adjusting the amount in the Accepted column.
  2. Click Submit to send your information to the Financial Aid Office.
Award Package


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