Student Self-Service: Using My Planner

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using My Planner to plan your course schedule in ctcLink.

Audience: Students

My Planner

Navigation: Gateway → Student Center

My Planner is an organizational tool that helps students identify courses for future enrollment. This tool is for planning purposes only. To enroll, review the steps in the Using Shopping Cart quick reference guide.

  • Select Plan in the Academics section of the Student Center.
Academics Plan link
  • To add courses to your planner, select Browse Course Catalog or Plan By My Requirements.
    • The following are Instructions for each method. If you are enrolled at more than one institution, please select the appropriate Institution and Academic Career.
My Planner

Browse Course Catalog

  1. Click the Browse Course Catalog button.
My Planner
  1. Select a letter or number in the alphanumeric box to view a list of courses that start with that letter or number.
  2. Click the green arrow next to a subject to see available course information for the selected category or select Expand All.
Browse Course Catalog
  1. Click the Course Title to view the course details.
Add to Planner button
  1. Click the add to planner button to bookmark this course in your plan.
  2. Click the Return to Browse Course Catalog link to select another course or area of study.
Course Detail
  1. When you are finished adding courses to your plan, click the My Planner tab to view your selections.
My Planner

Plan By My Requirements

  1. Click the Plan By My Requirements button.
My Planner
  1. Click the course title in the Description column of your requirements to view course details.
Description table
  1. Click Add to Planner or click Return to Plan by My Requirements to select a different course.
  2. Repeat steps 2-3 to add more courses to your planner.
Course Detail

Managing Courses in My Planner

  1. To remove a course from the planner, click the delete icon.
  2. To designate the term you want to take the course, check the Select box next to the course(s) to move to a specific term.

NOTE: Term selections in the planner are for student planning purposes only. This does not mean a course will be available for the selected term.

  1. Select the term from the Move selected courses to Term drop-down box.
  2. Click the Move button. Repeat steps 2-3 for other courses and terms to create your academic plan with courses arranged by terms.
My Planner

Courses moved to a Select term will be viewable in the enrollment shopping cart.  See the Using the Course Shopping Cart quick reference guide for more details.


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