Student Self-Service: Request Official Transcript

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for requesting an official transcript in ctcLink.

Audience: Students

Request Official Transcript

Navigation: Gateway → Student Center

  1. Select Transcript: Request Official in the Academics section in the Student Center.
Academics section
  1. Select the college that holds your transcript from the Select Institution dropdown.
  2. Select the option for when you wish to receive the transcript in the Select Option dropdown.
  3. Enter the number of copies you would like in the Quantity section.
Request Official Transcript
  1. Enter the name of the party to receive the transcript in the Send To section if the recipient is someone other than the student.
  2. Click Edit Address to enter the address of the recipient.


  1. Click the Send to My Address check box and select the address you would like to send the transcript to.
  2. Edit your address, if required, by selecting the Edit Address link.
Enter Recipient Address Information
  1. Click Submit to complete the request.


maritess Jose

I tried to do exactly as shown on the description on how to request for my transcripts. That option was not listed on my student center/my academics. All I have is the option to view my transcripts for current and previous quarters. Is there another way to request transcripts from TCC than going there in person. That information will be handy. Thanks

Corinne Taylor

After speaking with staff, it is recommended that you speak with your college staff for transcripts. We are still looking into any technical difficulties you may be experiencing.


I tried signing up for a first time Account for the ctc activation and it didn't give me what I needed to type in for the required field so I had to guess and nothing worked. Need some help.

Gretchen Fulmer (SBCTC)

Hello Emma,

Are you able to remember what information was required that activating your account wasn't able to provide? Included is the link to the steps for activating your account with screenshots that hopefully will assist you in creating an account successfully. These are most likely the same steps you have already followed but hopefully the screenshots may provide additional information.

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