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Student Self-Service: Swapping a Class (Changing Enrollment From One Course to Another)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for swapping classes in ctcLink.

Audience: Students

Navigation: Gateway → Student Center

Swap allows you to switch one course for another. For example, if there are two Psych 100 courses offered at different times, you can switch to a different section or, swap Psych 100 for Psych 150.

  1. To swap courses, select Enrollment:Swap from the Academics section drop down menu on the Student Center in the Academics section.
Academics section
  1. In the Swap This Class section, select the course to drop from your schedule.

Note: Only currently enrolled courses will be available for selection.

  1. In the With This Class section, select the course to add to your schedule. Courses may be added using the following tools. See the Using My Planner and Using the Course Shopping Cart quick reference guides for additional information.
    1. Select Class Search to search for available courses by term and other course criteria.
    2. Select My Planner to select courses you previously added to your planner.
    3. Select My Requirements to select courses from your requirements.
    4. Enter a Class Nbr if you know the 4-digit class number for the course to add.
Select a class to swap
  1. When you find the course you want to replace your original course, click Select. Make sure the Status is green meaning that course seats are available.
select courses
  1. Click the Next button.
Select a class to swap Enrollment Preference
  1. Verify that the information is correct on the Confirm your selection page, and click the Finish Swapping button.
Confirm you selection
  1. Verify the results. A green check means you are enrolled in the course. A red X indicates there was a problem with the swap. Correct any errors using the instructions on the page or contact your advisor or registration for assistance.
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