Student Center: Uploading Documents

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for uploading documents in the Student Center.

Audience: Students

Navigation:  Gateway → Student Center → Upload Documents

The Upload Documents button allows students to submit required documents from their Student Center account.

  1.  Click the Upload Documents button on the right menu.
Academics and Finance section of the Upload Documents page
  1. Select the college to receive the document and select the Continue button.

Note: Only colleges where you are a student will display.

Upload Documents Select Documents field
  1. Enter or look up (click the magnifying glass for a look up menu) the Document Class and Document Type.
  2. Select the Attach button.
Document Upload Attach button
  1. Select the Choose File button and choose the file to attach from your computer.
  2. Select the Upload button.
File Attachment page
  1. The Document Uploaded confirmation displays, click the OK button.
  1. Select the View button to see your document.
Document Upload View button
  1. Select the plus (+) or minus (–) buttons to add or remove Documents for that Document Class.
Document Upload plus/minus buttons
  1. Select the (+) or (–) buttons at the top of the page to add or remove a new Document Class.
  2. Select the View All link to view all Document Classes and Documents Types on a single page.
  3. Select the Save button when all documents have been uploaded.
Document Upload


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