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Purpose: Use this document as a reference for accessing student information in ctcLink

Audience: Students

Student Center

Navigation: Gateway → Student Center

Student Center provides online access to your records to view your schedule, add or drop classes, update personal information, pay tuition, view financial aid information, and more. The right column includes Holds, your To Do List, Advisor contact information, and links to other student information and resources. Selecting links in any section will open sub-menus where students can access information in a tabbed menu format.

Student Center main page

To return to the main Student Center page, select Student Center from the drop-down at the top left of the page and click the Go  button.

Account Inquiry tab


  • To access and manage Academic information, click the green arrow on the student center home page.
    • Select Search to open a window to search for classes.
    • Select Plan to open My Planner to view or create your academic plan.
    • Select Enroll to access the Add Classes page to enroll in classes for a specified term.
    • Select My Academics to view academic information including requirements, course history, graduation status, transcripts, and more. My Academics also has options to apply for graduation, request an official transcript or request enrollment verification.
  • The other academic drop-down menu provides quick access to a variety of options related to your academic career.
  • Click the weekly schedule link to view your class schedule in a calendar view and select a printer friendly format to print your schedule.
  • Click the enrollment shopping cart link to shop for classes for a specified term. See the Using the Course Shopping Cart quick reference guide for additional information on this feature.

As you navigate to different areas in ctcLink, there are options at the bottom and the top of each page enabling you to return to a previous page or navigate to a new one.



The Finances section provides access to view and manage your financial aid, your tuition and other charges, and other items pertaining to your student account.

  • Account Inquiry displays a summary of your student account.
  • Payment Profile is used to add, edit or delete payment profiles.
  • View Financial Aid provides financial aid information organized by aid year.
  • Accept/Decline Awards is used to accept or decline financial aid.
  • Report Other Financial Aid is for notifying the financial aid office of any additional assistance you have received or expect to receive to pay for your college tuition and expenses.
  • Make a Payment takes you to the ePayment page.
  • Nelnet Payment Plan is applicable only to institutions that use Nelnet. The link directs you to the Nelnet payment plan enrollment page.
  • Other financials provide a list of options for students including access to 1098T forms.

Personal Information

The Personal Information section allows students to update contact information and other student details. Information can be accessed via the link or the other personal drop-down menu.

Personal Information


There are two options under the Admission section.

  • Request Information provides options for sending questions to the Admissions department at your institution.
  • Apply for Admission takes you to an external site where you can apply for admission to an institution within the ctcLink system.
  • My Applications indicates if an existing application for admission and if you are admitted. Select the Accept or Decline link to continue the admissions process.

Right Menu Buttons and Boxes

The top right menu buttons provide quick access to frequently accessed areas. Click more or details for additional information on these menu items where applicable.

  • Search for classes takes you to the page where you can enter search criteria and find courses.
  • Upload Documents allows students to upload documents that may be required for financial or academic purposes.
  • Share My Information allows students to view, edit and update information sharing preferences.
  • Holds may prevent you from performing certain self-service actions, such as enrollment. Click details to view more information about the hold and which department to contact to resolve any issues.
  • To-Do links are for action items you are required to complete.
  • Milestones are items related to your academic program.
  • Enrollment Dates, Advisor, and Student State and Federal Resources contain additional information. Click the available links for additional information.
Holds, To Do List, Milestones links
Enrollment Dates, Advisor links
Student State Resources and Student Federal Resources

Please review additional Student Quick Reference Guides for more information on how to use ctcLink or contact your advisor or local help desk for assistance.


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