Student Center: Viewing Academic Requirements

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using the My Academics processes in the Student Center.

Audience: Students

Navigation:  Gateway → Student Center → My Academics

 The My Academics menu in Student center allows students to view and use various Program resources. As you navigate to each area of My Academics, Click the My Academics tab at the top to return to the main page or the My Academics link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click the My Academics link in the Academics menu.
  1. On the left are links to various options.
  2. On the right are a list of programs and majors on your student account.
  3. Click View my advisement report to see a list of all program requirements for the active programs active on your student profile.
My Academics tab
  1. Click the green arrow icon on closed menus. Once all requirements for a menu have been completed the menu will display as closed.
My Academics tab
  1. To create a report of how your credits will apply to a new program, click the Create a what-if scenario link. (Remember to click the My Academics tab to return to the main page.)
My Academics tab
  1. Click the Create New Report button.
What If Report Selection
  1. Select from the available options on the Create What If Scenario page.
Create What If Scenario
  1. Click the View My Advisors link to view a list of advisors assigned to you.
My Academics tab
  1. Click the Evaluate my transfer credits link to see how your credits will apply at other Washington State Community Colleges.

Note: Only schools active on the CTC Link system will be available at this time, as more schools become active on this system, more options will be available.

  1. Click the View my transfer credit report link to view transfer, test and other credits that have been applied to your requirements.
My Academics tab
  1. Click the View my course history link to see a list of courses taken, with grades.
My Course History
  1. Click the View Unofficial Transcript link to review your academic history.
    1. Select the Academic Institution.
    2. Select Report Type: Unofficial Transcript
    3. Click the view report button.
    4. Clicking View All Requested Reports will display previously requested transcripts but will not provide an up-to-date transcript.
View unofficial Transcript
  1. Click Request Enrollment Verification to print or request an enrollment verification document.
Request Enrollment Verification


See detailed Quick Reference Guides for the following options


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