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Student Center: Reading and Replying to your Message Center Messages

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to view and reply to messages in your Student Message Center

Audience:  Students

Navigation:  Gateway > Student Center

The Message Center will appear at the top of your Student Center page in the Student Communication Center.  New messages or replies to messages will appear with an unread indicator to alert you to an unread message or reply.

Student Communication Center Section
  1. Click on the Message Center Link to view your Message Center Inbox.  Message List will appear on the left and unread Messages or Replies will appear in Bold.  
  1. Click on the Message to open.  The message will display to the right on the page.  Once opened a student can click on another message, on the left menu, click reply or click to archive the message. Messages that allow replies will appear as a threaded conversation.

Not all Messages have an option to reply.

Some Messages may have an expiration date. Colleges may remove expired messages. It is advised that students print their message screen if the information is needed for future reference.

  1. Students may wish to Archive older messages that do not expire. Clicking the Archive button on the message will send the message to an archive folder  These messages can be viewed by clicking the Archived tab next to the Inbox at the top left of the page.
  2. Message can be moved back to the Inbox by clicking the Unarchive button.
  1. Click <-Student Center on the page to go back to your main Student Center page.


Tabatha Baumgarden

Not currently a student yet it says I have a message and I am not sure why I would, would think my student number I had would be inactive. Not that I remember it.

Corinne Taylor

Thank you for contacting us with your questions. We recommend you contact your colleges Admissions Department for details.

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