Enrolling Time Reporters - 15b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to enroll time reporters in ctcLink

Audience: Time and Labor Administrator or HR Specialist

NOTE: All employees need to be enrolled as time reporters, including employees who are only exception time reporting.

Enrolling Time Reporters

Navigation:  Main Menu > Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Create Time Reporter Data

  1. Enter the Empl ID. If needed, select the appropriate Empl Rcd from the Search screen.
  2. Click the Search button.
Find an Existing Value
  1. Enter the Payable Time Start Date - this date will be when payable time is allowed to be generated based on entry.
Note: This date is important for time reporters in a workgroup defined for exception time reporting who will have payable time created from schedules. 
  1. The Effective Date will prepopulate, change it to correspond to the enrollment date that corresponds to the hire date or start of work. Normally, this date is the same as the Payable Time Start Date.
  2. Ensure the Status field is Active.
  3. Ensure the Send Time to Payroll checkbox is selected.
  4. Select the Time Reporter Type. (Either Elapsed or Punch)
  5. Select the Elapsed Time Template CTC_ELAPSE if the Time Reporter Type is Elapsed.
  6. Select the Punch Time Template CTC_PUNCH if the Time Reporter Type is Punch.
  7. Select the Workgroup lookup icon and select the appropriate option.
  8. Select Taskgroup CTCTSKGRPN
  9. Click the Save button.

NOTE: Create Time Reporter Data is used for brand new empl records (i.e., New Hires), for Rehires use QRG Maintaining Time Reporter Data.

Time Reporter Data


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