Run Time and Effort Connected Query

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  1. Note: This report is only intended to serve the requirement for a certification statement for Time and Effort of faculty and exempt employees where after the fact reporting is not mandated.
  2. Navigate to the page and select Search if a Run Control is already created, otherwise use Add a New Value to create a Run Control
    • Run Controls only need to be created once per user
  3. Select Data Source Type: Connected Query
  4. Select Report Name: BHC_CO_00002
  5. Fill in the following Prompt for Query:
    • GL Unit
    • From Pay Period End Date
    • To Pay Period End Date
    • ID (this EMPLID must have Job Data which contains a combo code that is paid from a project/grant in the chartfield)
  6. Select OK
  7. Repeat the same values in Prompt 2 and Prompt 3 (the connected query is in actuality three queries so the information must be identical to return a valid value)
  8. Select Run
  9. Select OK
  10. Select the Process Monitor link at the top of the page and then wait for the process PSXPQRYRPT to show Success/Posted
  11. Select the Go Back to Query Report Scheduler link at the bottom of the Process Monitor page
  12. Select the Report Manager link at the top of the reports page
  13. In the List tab, click on the name of the report (BHC_CO_00002  BHC_CO_00002.rtf) that corresponds to your process instance.
  14. Once inside the report, click the file with .rtf at the end and it will give you the option to open or download depending on your internet browser settings
  15. The report will display the following fields:
    • Staff Name, Staff Department (Job Data value)
    • Account Number (Finance value)
    • Fund (Finance value)
    • Dept (Job Data value)
    • Department Name (Job Data value)
    • Project ID (Finance value)
    • Activity (Finance value)
    • Activity Description (Finance value)
    • Amount (Payroll value)
    • Budget Effort (Job Data value)
    • Job Nbr (Job Data value)
    • Job Nbr Report Start Date (Payroll Period Begin Date)
    • Job Nbr Report End Date (Payroll Period End Date)
    • Actual Effort (if different)
    • Other Salary Sources
    • Certification Statement
Query Report Scheduler
Report, Distribution Details, File List and Distribute To page


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