Adding Applications Manually 02c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adding an application manually in ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Student Admissions > Application Entry > Add Application

  1. On the Application Entry page enter the following information:
    1. Application Nbr: Do not change, accept default value.
    2. ID: Allow to Default to NEW unless adding an application for an existing student.
    3. Academic Institution: Enter or look up.
    4. Academic Career: Enter or look up.
  2. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. On the Biographical Details tab, enter the applicant information into the following sections:
    1. Person Information
    2. Biographical History
Biographical Details tab
  1. Continue to enter applicant information into the National ID and Contact Information sections.
National ID and Contact Information tabs
  1. Click the Edit Address link and enter the applicant’s address information.
  2. Enter the Phone and Email.
  3. To add an additional address, phone or email, click the (+) in these sections.
Edit Address
  1. If applicable, click the Visa/Permit Data link to add information for the applicant.
Visa Permit Data
  1. If required, click the Citizenship link to enter passport information.
Citizenship Detail
  1. On the Regional tab, enter the applicant’s Ethnicity if available and do not use the History section. Multiple ethnicities can be entered by clicking the “Add” button to add another row.
Regional tab
  1. On the Application Program Data tab enter the following information into the Program Data section:
    1. Effective Date: Enter or accept the default value.
    2. Admit Term: Enter or look up the term.
    3. Academic Program: Enter or look up the term.
    4. Campus: Select the campus to which the student is being admitted.
    5. Academic Load: Select from the drop down list.
Application Program Data tab
  1. Enter APPL in the Program Status section. Leave Action Reason blank.
  2. Enter or select the applicant’s Academic Plan. Leave the Sub Plan field blank.
Program Status page
  1. On the Application Data tab enter or select the Application Center (institution code).
  2. Enter or select the Admit Type.
  3. Enter information into the remaining fields as required by local policy/process.
Application Data tab
  1. Enter Additional Information as required by local process/policy.
Additional Information page
  1. Information on the Application School/Recruiting tab is optional.
Application School Recruiting tab
  1. Information on the Additional Details tab is optional.
Additional Details tab
  1. After completing the required information on all tabs, click the Save button.


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