Deleting Application Records by Batch 02c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to delete application records by batch in ctcLink

Audience: Admissions staff.

Deleting Application Records by Batch

Navigation:  Main Menu > Student Admissions > Application Delete > Application Delete by Batch

  1. On the Application Delete by Batch page, click on the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Enter a unique Run Control ID and click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. In the Population box, make sure the Population Selection box is checked and then choose which selection tool to use and Query Name if applicable.
  2. Before you run the process you can click the Preview Selection Results to preview the applications you are about to delete.
  3. Click the Run button.
Application Delete by Batch page
  1. On the Process Scheduler Request page you will see details about the job you just ran:
    1. Run Date
    2. Run Time
  2. Click OK.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Click OK.You have successfully deleted applications records by batch.


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