Entering Education Data 02i

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for entering education data in ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Student Admissions > Application Entry > Academic Information > Education

  1. On the Education page, enter information in the following fields:
    a.  Application Nbr
    b.  Student ID
    c.  Academic Institution
    d.  Academic Career
  2. Click the Search button.


Search Criteria
  1. In the School Information section enter or select the External Org ID. To add more schools, click the (+) in the heading.
  2. Enter the Career Datainformation. To add more career data information, click the (+) in the heading.
  3. Enter the applicant’s Transcript Status and details.
School Information tab
  1. Enter additional information in the Transcript Summary and External Subjects sections if applicable or required by institutional policy.
  2. Click the Save button or continue to the Courses and Degrees tab to enter additional information.
Transcript Summary section
  1. On the Courses and Degrees tab in the External Course Defaults section, enter additional details as required by the institution. These default values will apply to the courses and degrees added in the next sections.
Coursees and Degree tab
  1. Enter any available information in the External Courses Section as required by institutional policy.
  2. In the External Degrees enter any available information.

Note: These sections are optional and may not apply to some students.

External Courses section
  1. Click the Save button.


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