OAA Mass Notification Application 02b

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to send Mass Notifications to Applicants in ctcLink.

Audience:  Admissions Office Staff.

Navigation:  Main Menu → Ciber Solutions → Online Admissions → Mass Notification

  1. Search for an existing run control or click Add a New Value.
  2. Enter a run control for this process and click Add or Search

Academic career is required before a term can be selected.

  1. Input the fields available to identify population for the notification  (Required fields are indicated with a *)
    1. Application Status: This field is used to identify the target group of applicants based on the below application status values.
    2. Incomplete: Send the notifications to the applicant when their application is in Incomplete status.
    3. Completed: Send the notifications to the applicant when their application is in Completed status.
    4. Submitted: Send the notifications to the applicant when their application is in Submitted status.
    5. Number of Days: This field indicates the number of days the application is in particular status. (see note below for further details)
    6. Report Mode checkbox: If the Report Mode field is selected, mass notification process will not send notification to applicants, it will only create the notification log file.
    7. Recommender Notification check box: leave blank.
    8. Notification Status: leave blank this is for recommender status only.
  2. Click Run.

Number of Days field will count back that number of calendar days from the current date (including the current date).  

Example of using number of days for a month run:

To run all August notification, I would run the process first thing in the morning on September 1st and run it for 32,  days (based on the number of calendar days in the month).  This will pick up anyone that applied August 1-31st and anyone in the early morning of September 1.  

The next month if I wanted to send for September, I would run the process on October 1st and run for 31 days and this would pick up anyone from September 1-30th.  It could possibly duplicate anyone in that status from the early morning of September 1st if they remained in the same status

  1.  Click Ok, this will return you to the previous page.
  2. Click Process Monitor, the process may take time to run based on quantity of records processed.
  3. Users can click Refresh on the Process monitor page to update the process run status until the run status displays as Success.
  1. Click Details and then View/Log trace to view output files for the process.
  1.  Select Mass_Notification.log to view a list of Notifications sent.


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