Viewing an Applicant's Summary Page 02f

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to view an applicant’s summary page in ctcLink

Audience: Admissions office

Navigation:  Main Menu → Student Admissions → Applicant Summaries → Application Summary

Use the Application Summary page to view a list of all applications in the database for an individual.

  1. Look Up the student by ID or Name and click the Search button.
Search Criteria
  1. The Application Summary page will give basic details for all applications an applicant has in the system.
  2. Click the Application Data link.
Application Summary
  1. Re-enter student ID or Name and then click the Search button on the Maintain Applications page.
Maintain Applications page
  1. The Application Maintenance page will open in a new window to view Application data.
    • This page will allow users to view or update application information based on user security.
Application Program Data tab
  1. After updates/review, close the Application Maintenance page window.
  2. Click Application Detail to view additional application information.
Application Detail
  1. Click Return to go back to the Application Summary page.


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