Searching for Records (Using Search/Match) 02j

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for searching for records in ctcLink.

Audience: ctcLink employees

The Search/Match search page is different from a standard search page.  This allows users to search for IDs in the system without being limited to individual page results.  

Navigation:  Main Menu → Campus Community → Personal Information → Search/Match

Search/Match should be used before adding students or employees to the Campus Solutions system manually.  If a duplicate record is found, please report this to the ERP support team to evaluate records across institutions and merge data.  

To search for records:

  1. On the Search/Match page, enter the search type. Choose either Person (i.e. Student, Staff of Faculty) or Organization (other colleges, universities or external associated organizations), as Applicant refers to applicants in HR.
  2. Enter the search parameter or use the lookup button next to the field.
    1. Search Parameters define the fields that will be available in your search, use PSCS_Traditional for a basic Person Search.
  3. Click the Search button.
Search Criteria
  1. Enter the Search Result Code or use the lookup button next to the field.
    1. The Search Result Code determines the fields displayed in your results.
  2. In the Search Criteria section, enter the information available on the person or organization being searched. Below shows an example of Search Order which identifies the combinations of information the Search/Match will attempt to match a person on based on the criteria entered.
  3. Once all available criteria has been entered, select the yellow Search button toward the top right of the page.
Search by Order Number

Note that the Selective Search buttons are only activated if you tab out of the corresponding Search Criteria field above. They will not be activated if you enter data in a search criteria field and manually move your cursor to another field.

Search Results

Note that the number displayed after Number of IDs Found might be smaller than the number of search results displayed. This is because the search results might include the same ID number multiple times. Clicking the Carry ID button will copy the ID to the next search page for the user.

Congratulations! You successfully searched for a record in your system.

To summarize, you can maintain the integrity of your database by taking measures to minimize duplicate or multiple records. Use the Search/Match feature to define criteria for checking for duplicate or multiple entries of individuals.


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