Accuplacer Batch File Upload 02h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to upload Accuplacer files into ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions Staff

There are three steps to the Accuplacer File Upload process -

Step 1 - External File
Step 2 - Upload
Step 3 - Test Load

External File - Navigate to College Board Accuplacer Website

  • On the College Board Accuplacer website, select the Reports icon and then Custom Reports option from the left navigation.
  • Insert a description in the Report Description section and proceed to Step 1.

If there is a previously saved query you may select it in the Saved Query section, Load a Query.

Custom Reports Page

For the steps below:  It is imparative that ALL fields are filled in the order described.

Failure to do so will result in report not running.

  1. Select Fields
    1. Field Categories - Basic Information as well as Test Scores are required.
    2. Using the Available Fields list, move over the desired data options and select appropriate fields in the following order:
      1. Empl ID
      2. Last Name
      3. First Name
      4. Middle Name
      5. Birth Date
      6. Test Date
      7. Test Center/Site ID
      8. ARTM Arithmetic
      9. COLLM College-Level Math
      10. EINWR Intl Write Placer
      11. ELALB Element Algebra
      12. ESLLA Languange
      13. ESLLI Listening
      14. ESLRE Reading Skills
      15. ESLSE Sentence Meaning
      16. ESLWR ESL Write Placer
      17. ESSAY Write Placer
      18. REAC Read Comp
      19. SENTC Sentence Skills
Select Fields Page
Select Fields Page
  1. Filter by Criteria
    1. Filter by Test Date - Select a desired date range.
Filter by Criteria Page
  1. Proceed to Step 4.
  2. Output Formats
    1. Include Header in Output File: Select the No option.
    2. Date Format: Select appropriate date of DD-MM-YYYY.
    3. Text Delimited: Select the Comma option.
    4. File Format: Select the Windows option.
    5. Download Format: Select the CSV option.
    6. Make Available for Web Service: Select the NO option.
    7. Create New Query: You may save this query for future use.
    8. Click the Save button.
    9. Click the Submit button.
Output Forms Page
  1. Custom Reports
    1. After report is submitted, verify generated report and download if desired.
Custom Reports Page
  1. Below is an example of an extracted Accuplacer file.
Compass File
  1. Enter the Upload data.
  2. Academic Institution: Enter or Look Up.
  3. Functional Area: Enter or click Search to select from list.
  4. Business Process Name: Enter or click Search to select from list.
  1. On the Upload Files tab, click the Upload File button.
  1. Choose File and click the Upload button.
File Attachment Page

Test Load

  1. Load the test score file (External Test Score Load QRG) to complete the process.


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