Compass Batch File Upload 02h

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to upload Compass files into ctcLink.

Audience: Admissions Staff

There are three steps to the Compass Batch File Upload process -

Step 1 - External File
Step 2 - Upload
Step 3 - Test Load

External File - Navigate to Compass Website

  1. On the Compass website, select the Reports tab.
  2. Specify Dates:  Choose the desired Date Range.
  3. Specify Test Centers:  Check the Assessment Center box.
  4. Specify Type of File for Output:  Select the Concatenate SSRs into one CSV file option.
  5. Click the Create SSRs button.
Compass Reports Page
  1. Below is an example of an extracted Compass file.
Compass File
  1. Academic Institution:  Enter or Look Up.
  2. Functional Area:  Enter or click Search to select from list.
  3. Business Process Name:  Enter or click Search to select from list.
File Upload/Download Page
  1. On the Upload Files tab, click Upload File button.
Upload Files Tab
  1. Choose File and click the Upload button.
File Attachment Page

Test Load

  1. Load the test score file (External Test Score Load QRG) to complete the process.


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