View Student Packaging Status 23e

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to view student packaging status in ctcLink.

Audience: FA Counselor/Technician

View Student Packaging Status

Navigation:  Main Menu > Financial Aid > View Packaging Status Summary

  1. From the Packaging Status Summary page enter the Student ID, Academic Institution, and Aid Year and select Search.
Packaging Status Summary
  1. Each field holds various data:

a.  EFC Status: Represents data from the ISIR and is Official, Rejected, or Unofficial.

b.  Counselor: Displays the ID for the employee that has been assigned to the student account.

c.  Aid Processing Status: Indicates the status of the award process.

d.  Aid Application Status: Indicates the student’s financial aid application availability for processing and contains Active, Canceled or Restricted.

e.  SAP Details: Links to the Maintain Student SAP Data page for the student.

f.  Review Status, INST Verification Status, Verification Flag, and Verification Status fields are used to complete the verification process (Please Note:  INST Verification Status is not being used at this time).

g.  Loan Counseling Status: Links to the Maintain Loan Counseling page for the student.

Loan Counseling Status

h. Scholarship Status: Identifies whether a student has been evaluated for scholarship funds.

i.  Aid Packaging Method: Displays the method used to create the student’s financial aid package.

j.  Packaging Plan ID: Identifies the packaging plan used to package the student.

k.  Repackaging Plan ID: Displays the repackaging plan type used for a student who has been repackaged.

l.  Aggregate Source: Identifies the aggregate source the awarding and packaging process uses directly

m.  Aggregate Used: Indicates the aggregate source used during packaging.

n.  Shopping SheetGroup: Available to select the appropriate Shopping Sheet Group code for the student.

Maintain Loan Counseling page

o.  Financial Aid Awarded link: Navigates to Financial Aid Award summary page

p.  Award Notification link: Used for printing the award notice. (Requires default values setup for printing options.)

  1. Self Service fields are used to perform the following actions:

a.  Award Access– Displays the setting of the student’s Self-Service Access page. The values are Allowed, Denied or Use Filter (Note: SBCTC’s recommendation is Use Filter.)

b.  Inquiry Access– Select this box to allow a student to view assigned financial aid awards.

c.  External Award Access– Select this box to allow a student to report awards from other sources (Note: SBCTC is not recommending use of this check box)

Self Service section
  1. Use the Blue links to view additional information or to change a student’s status.

a.  TERM: Used to view the student’s term, career, and other term information.

Term Information

b.  ISIR Information: Navigates to the ISIR information page to view a summary of the most recent ISIR information.

ISIR Information

c.  Database Matches: Used to review or manually override a student’s status for the U.S.E.D. federally required database matches.

Database Matches

d.  Need Summary: Navigates to the student’s COA, calculated for Federal and Institutional methodologies.

Needs Summary page

e.  PELL: Used to review Pell Information or to initiate Pell Payment processing.

Pell Information

f.  Calculation Override: Used to override the student’s Pell eligibility calculation setup.

Eligibility Calculations
  1. Process complete. SAVE if any adjustments are made.


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