Running Suspense Prospects Query 23b

The Suspense Prospects query is an opportunity for schools to reach out to students who have submitted a FAFSA to your instutution, but have not applied for enrollment.

This query will include names, addresses and emails from the ISIR for contacting prospect students.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Schedule Query

  1. Enter a new or existing Run Control ID.
Find an Existing Value and Add a New Value tabs
  1. Entert the Query Name - CTC_FA_SUSPENSE_PROSPECTS
  2. Select Search.
Schedule Query page
  1. Select the CTC_FA_SUSPENSE_PROSPECTS link.
Schedule Query Search Page
  1. Edit prompts will appear.  Populate the following fields:
    Award Year
    Aid Year
  2. Select OK.
Prompts page

The Schedule Query page will now be populated with the parameters to run the query.

  1. Select Run.
Schedule Query page
  1. Select OK from the Process Scheduler Request page.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Select the Process Monitor link and ensure the process runs to "Success" and "Posted".
Process Monitor link
  1. Select  Go Back to Schedule Query link.
Go back to Schedule Query link
  1. Select Report Manager link.
Reports section
  1. Select FA24 Requirement link.
Reperts section
  1. Select the CTC_FA_SUSPENSE_PROSPECTS-xxxxxx.csv link.
File list section
  1. Depending on browser, you will be asked to open the results in Excel.
  2. Select OK to open in Excel.
Excel worksheet

You can now filter the results and work the list accordingly.

Process complete.


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