View Service Indicator History 11d

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to view service indicator history in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Services Staff, FA Counselor/Technician

View Service Indicator History

Navigation: Main Menu > Campus Community > Service Indicators (Student) > Audit Service Indicators

  1. The Service Indicator Audit page will allow users to search service indicators using various combinations of search criteria.  Input the search criteria as desired and click Search.
Audit Service Indicators page
  1. The top search boxes will minimize, to add additional search criteria click the arrow next to Service Indicator Audit Search.
Audit Service Indicators page
  1. The Audit Service Indicators page will appear and the results based on the search criteria entered will display.
Audit Service Indicators page
  1. Click on any link in the row to view the details of the Service Indicator.  The page will tell you the Action taken, the date and user who completed the action
Service Indicator Audit page
  1. Click the Cancel button at the bottom of the Service Indicator Audit page to return to the search results page.


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