Import and Process ISIR Files 23

Purpose:  To process financial aid applications by importing and processing ISIR files using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff.

Colleges have the option to load ISIR's individually or combined in a batch process. We take you through an easy 3-step process that begins with uploading your file and ending with loading the ISIR.  This QRG assumes you have existing ISIR files to utilize.

Import and Process ISIR Files

First Step - Upload File

All ISIR files need to be processed through the upload process regardless if individual or combined,

Navigation:  Main Menu > People Tools > CTC Custom > Extensions > Upload/Download Files

You are now on the Upload/Download files page.

  1. Enter Academic Institution.
  2. Enter Functional Area.
  3. Enter Business Process Name.
  4. Select the Search Button.
File Upload/Download
  1. Select Upload File and choose appropriate file to upload.
  2. Select Browse to locate the file you wish to upload.

ISIR Files need to be uploaded one at a time as well as the text file created if using the combined process.

  1. Select the Upload File button.
Upload Files
File Attachment
  1. The file will be uploaded and the File Name will appear; select OK.
Uploaded Successfully
Second Step - FA EC File Inbound Page

Navigation:  Financial Aid > File Management > Import Federal Data Files

The FA Inbound process automatically determines the type of file from CPS and loads the file into the inbound staging tables.

  1. Enter Run Control ID or create a new one by selecting the Add a New Value tab.
  2. Select the Search button.
FA EC File Inbound
  1. Select Run Option: Single File or File List radio button.
    • Single File when loading single files;
    • File List when loading combined files.
  2. Insert Inbound File name. Insert the File Path and File Name used in Upload/Download process above.
  3. Insert ISIR TG Number.
  4. Select Run. A process instance number should be assigned. Make a note if it.
  5. Select the Process Monitor link.
FA Inbound Page
  1. Locate the process instance number assigned in step 6 and select the Refresh button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".
Process List
Third Step - ISIR Load

Navigation:  Financial Aid > File Management > ISIR Import > Process ISIRs

Load the ISIR records from the ISIR staging tables into the database using the rules that you set up in the ISIR Data Load Parms page.

  1. Enter Run Control ID.
  2. Select the Search button.
  1. Enter Institution (must be done first before Aid Year).
  2. Enter Aid Year.
  3. Enter TG Number.
  4. Select the Active checkbox.
  5. Select the Load ISIRs checkbox.
  6. Select the Load System Generated ISIRs checkbox.
  7. Select Load ISIR Corrections checkbox.
  8. Select the RUN button.
ISIR File Load Page
  1. Select OK button.
  2. Select the Process Monitor link. Locate Process Instance number assigned in the earlier step.
  3. Select the Refresh button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".
Process Monitor

You have successfully imported and processed ISIR files.

End of procedure.


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