ISIR Suspense Management 23

Purpose:  To run an ISIR Suspense report using ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Aid staff.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Schedule Query

Identify suspended ISIR’s by running the following query name:  CTC_FA_SUSPEND_ISIR_DETAIL.

  1. Use a New or Existing Run Control ID.
  2. Enter the query name and select Search.
Schedule Query Page
  1. Select the blue link for the desired query.
Scheduled Query Search Page

Edit Prompts will appear.

  1. Enter the following:
    • Institution
    • Aid Year
  2. Select OK.
Query Parameters
  1. From the Schedule Query page select Run.
Run Schedule Query

Ensure the Process Monitor reads “Success” and “Posted”.

  1. Select Details link.
  2. From the View Log/Trace file select the Query name with .csv to open with Excel.
View Log/Trace File

You have successfully run the query to generate and view a suspense report.  

End of procedure.


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