INAS Batch Calculations 23

Purpose:  Use the Institutional Needs Analysis System (INAS) Batch Calculation page to calculate INAS in batch for federal methodology based on an ISIRs EFC

Audience:  Financial Aid staff

INAS Batch Calculations

Navigation:  Main Menu > Financial Aid > File Management > INAS Batch Calculation

This brings you to the INAS Batch Calc search page.

  1. Enter the desired information into the Run Control ID field.    
  2. Select the Search button.
INAS Batch Calc Search Page
  1. Enter the correct Institution name in the Institution field.  
  2. Select the Aid Year field and enter the desired information.
  3. Select the Application Type value - ctcLink uses Federal only - Enter F for Federal - The Calculate Inst NCP row automatically defaults to N.
  4. Select Clear Calc Requests? value - Enter Y.
  5. Select the Run button.

Selecting Y in the Clear Calc Request? field prompts the system to remove files from the tables after performing the batch calculation. Selecting Y prevents you from running batch calculation on these files again.

  1. Select OK button.
Batch INAS calc page
process scheduler page ok button
Batch INAS Calculation Process Monitor
  1. Select the Process Monitor link.  Locate Process Instance number assigned in prior step.  
  2. Select REFRESH button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".

You have successfully made a batch calculation of institutional applications using INAS.

End of Procedure.


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