Create Send Revised Communications 11

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to create and send revised communications using ctcLink

Audience:  Financial Aid staff

Create and Send Revised Communications

Run 3C Engine

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Run 3C Eng

  1. Enter Run Control ID.
  2. Select the Population Selection checkbox in "Process 3Cs" section.  
  3. Select No in "Process Joint Records" section.
  4. Enter Academic Institution.  
  5. Enter Administrative Function.
  6. Enter Event ID.
  7. Select PS Query in Selection Tool in the "Population Selection" section. Select or enter Query Name.
  8. Select the Edit Prompts link.
3C Engine Parameters
  1. Enter Academic Institution.
  2. Enter Aid Year.
  3. Enter Initial Letter CD.
  4. Enter Revised Letter CD.
  5. Enter Number of Days for Reminder.
  6. Select OK button.
  7. Select the Preview Selection Results and note a students ID.  
  8. Select Return.
Query Prompts
  1. Select the Manage Duplicate Assignment Tab.
  2. Select the Check Duplicate Communication checkbox in "Duplicate Communication Check" section.
  3. Select the Run button.
  4. Select the OK button.
  5. Select the Process Monitor link. Locate Process Instance number assigned in prior step.
  6. Select Refresh button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".
Manage Duplidate Assignment
Process Scheduler Request
Communication Generation

Begin by navigating to the Communication Generation page.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Communication Generation

  1. Enter Run Control ID.
  2. Choose ID Selection.
  3. Enter Empl ID of student from previous section.
  4. Enter Letter Code.
  5. Select Use Default Template in the "No Matching Template Found" section.
  6. Select Specified Language.
  7. Select Specified Method.
  1. Select the Process Parameters Tab.
  2. Select Address.
  3. Select Address Name.
  4. Select Salutation.
  5. Select Extra Name.
  6. Check "Use Preferred Email Address" checkbox.
  7. Ensure that the 'Online Preview' checkbox is NOT checked.

Note: When the Online Preview' checkbox is selected, that allows the user to run communications in simulation mode only.

  1. Update From Date and To Date.
  2. Select System Date in "Update Communication Generation Date With" box.
  3. Select Produce Communication in "Missing Critical Data" box.
  4. Select Complete Communication in "Missing Critical Data" box.
Process Parameters
  1. Select the Email Parameters Tab.
  2. Enter email address in From field.
  3. Enter Subject value.
  4. Enter email address in Reply to field box.
  5. Enter email address in Sender field box.
  6. Enter email address in Bounce To field box.
  7. Select Importance = Normal.
  8. Select Sensitivity = Normal.
  9. Select the Run button. Select OK button.
  10. Select the Process Monitor link. Locate Process Instance number assigned in prior step.
  11. Select the Refresh button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".
Email Parameters
Validate Communication

Navigate:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Person Communications > Communication Management

After entering the student ID from prior section and executing a search, validate communication by making sure:

  • Communication Date Assigned,
  • Communication Date Completed should be populated and,
  • Should be able to retrieve a copy of the communication produced.
Communication Management

You have successfully created and revised a communication.

End of procedure.


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