Set Ready to Package

Purpose:   Go through the Set Ready to Package process using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff.

Set Ready to Package

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > System Administration > Utilities > Population Update > Population Update Process

  1. Enter the Run Control ID or Add a New Value and select Search.
  2. Select STDNT_AID_ATRBT value in Record (Table) Name field.
  3. Enter Institution and Aid Year.
  4. Select Report All Messages button.
  5. Select PS Query in Selection Tool field and enter Query Name.
  6. Select the Edit Prompts link.
  7. In the new window, enter Institution and Aid Year. Select OK to return to main window.
  1. Select Aid Package Processing Status value in the Field Name field.
  2. Select Ready for Packaging in the Field Value field.
  3. Add a new row.
  4. Select Review Status value in the Field Name field.
  5. Select Review Complete for Packaging in the Field Value field.
  6. Select Run button.
  1. Select SCC_POP_UPD process.
  2. Select OK button.
  3. Note the Process Instance number created and select the Process Monitor link. Locate the Process Instance number you just created.
  4. Select Refresh button until Run Status is Success and Distribution Status is Posted.
  5. Select the Details link.
  6. Select the Message Log link.
  7. Verify the log indicates that successful updates were performed.

You have successfully executed the process Set Ready to Package.

End of procedure.