Process NSLDS Request

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to run the NSLDS Request process using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is a centralized source for a student's federal financial aid history. Schools can request NSLDS data and incorporate key elements into the awarding and packaging routines. NSLDS data is sent to schools on the ISIR, on a financial aid history request, or based on a transfer- monitoring request. You can view NSLDS data loaded using the NSLDS Inquiry components, designed to match the NSLDS file structure.

Process NSLDS Request

This QRG demonstrates the three steps for processing a NSLDS request.

  • Assign Checklist
  • Validate Checklist
  • Process NSLDS

Assigning Checklist

*Please Note  

The checklist assignment and Transfer Monitoring request must be run on the same day.  

The subsequent processing requires a Monitor Start date that coincides with the checklist assign date.

Assign checklist using 3C engine for students requiring transfer monitoring.  Begin by navigating to the Run 3C Engine page.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Run 3C Engine

Enter new or existing Run Control ID.

Populate the 3C Engine Parameters Tab

  1. Process 3C’s section = Population Selection checkbox.
  2. Event Selection:
    • Academic Institution = Desired Institution
    • Administrative Function = FINA
    • Event ID = (Description) I-Transfer Alert Process Compl  *Note  Event ID will differ between institutions
  3. Population Selection section:
    • Selection Tool = PS Query

The query criteria is a student is not enrolled in Summer or Fall term, has a Federal Item Type in an offered status of greater than zero, and does not already have the checklist assigned.


The query criteria is a student not enrolled for the prompted term, has a Federal Item Type in an offered status of greater than zero, and does not already have a checklist assigned.

Select Edit Prompts and enter:

  • Institution
  • Aid Year
  • Checklist Item
3C Engine Parameters

* Remember - Select Preview Selection and choose a student listed to validate in later section.

Populate Manage Duplicate Assignment Tab

  • Under Duplicate Communication Check choose Match from the Variable Data drop down menu.
  • Select Run.

Process Scheduler

  • From the Process Scheduler Request page select OK.
  • Select Process Monitor.
  • Select Refresh until Run Status reads Success and Distribution Status reads Posted.
Process Scheduler Request

Validate Checklist Assigned

Navigation:  Main Menu > Financial Aid > View Financial Aid Status

Ensure the checklist has been added to the student checklist.

Financial Aid Status
Process NSLDS

Begin by navigating to the Process NSLDS Request page.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Financial Aid > File Management > NSLDS > Process NSLDS Request

Create Transfer Monitoring Request

  1. Enter the following in the Parameters section:
    • Institution
    • School Code
    • Aid Year
    • Branch Code
    • File Path
  2. Under Population Selection:
    • Check the Population Selection checkbox
    • Choose PS Query from the Selection Tool drop down menu
    • Query Name:  CTC_FA_SB_PS_NSLDS_REQ
  3. Select Edit Prompts and enter the following:
    • Institution
    • Aid Year
    • Checklist  (The first three letters of the code are institution specific.  Example: ESP062)
  4. Under Request Type choose the Transfer Monitor only radio button.
  5. Under Transfer Monitoring Parameters choose following:
    • Enrollment Date = 1/5/20xx (Term Start Date)
    • Monitor Begin Date = Current Date (same date as checklist assignment)
  6. Select Preview Selection Results.
  7. Select Run and OK from the Process Monitor page.
NSLDS Request

Verify that the details in the Message Log file states that the NSLDS Request file <file path name used above> TRNINFIN.## successfully created.

Sample message:   NSLDS Request file  /u01/app/psrepo/Interface/CSTRANSFER/WA171/NSLDS2016/ TRNINFIN.01

Note the TRNINFIN.xx file created to use during the Upload/Download process.

You have successfully processed a NSLDS Request.

End of procedure.