Generate Pell Data

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to selects students who have been awarded a Pell Grant to be sent to COD for origination using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff

Generate Pell Data

Navigation:  Main Menu > Financial Aid > File Management > COD Full Participant > Generate Pell Data

  1. Enter an existing or new Run Control ID.
  2. Enter the Institution.
  3. Enter the Aid Year
  4. Enter SFA Common School ID (COD Entity ID)
  5. Select Schema Version (ex: Ver 4.0b)  for 16/17 (Ver 4.0c) - for 17/18
  6. Enter File Path and Name - Suggested file name  CRAAxxIN.001 (where xx represents the aid year)
  7. Select the Pell Origination Outbound & Pell Disbursement Outbound check-boxes
  8. Select Run

The Validate Only box can be checked when users would like to run and verify outcomes before processing in final mode.  To proceed in final mode simply un-check the Validate Only box and run the process.  

  1. From the Process Scheduler Request page, select OK.
  1. Ensure process runs to Success and Posted.
  2. Select the blue PELLOUT link to review processing status.
  1. Select the FAPPLOUT to review processing outcomes.
  1. Select the Message Log from the Process Detail page.

The Message Log displays a variety of information.  

This shows number of records read, processed or skipped.

Message Log Results

Other messages can include Disbursement or Enrollment issues.  Student Empl ID’s will be displayed and will need to be reviewed.

You have successfully generated PELL data.

End of procedure.