Process Award Authorizations

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to process award authorizations using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid staff.

Authorize financial aid in batch by selecting records for authorization in preparation for disbursement.

Process Award Authorizations

Navigation: Main Menu > Financial Aid > Disbursement > Process Award Authorizations

  1. Enter the appropriate Run Control ID.
  2. Select Search button.
  3. Enter the Academic Institution.
  4. Enter the Aid Year.
  5. Check the Active check-box.
  6. Check the Update Switch check-box.
  7. Check the Process Selected Terms check-box.
  8. Leave the Process Selected Items unchecked.
  9. Enter the Term for which you are authorizing awards.
  10. Select the Run button.
  11. Select OK button.
Authorize Aid
  1. Select the Process Monitor link.
  2. Locate Process Instance number assigned in previous step.
  3. Select Refresh button until Run Status is "Success" and Distribution Status is "Posted".

To determine if any authorizations have been processed, run the CTC_FA_AUTHORIZATION_DISCREP query. Navigate to Query Viewer.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query >Query Viewer

  1. Enter CTC_FA_AUTHORIZATION_DISCREP in the Search By prompt.
  2. Select Search button.
  3. Select the HTML link.
  4. Enter the Institution and Aid Year.
  5. Enter the Term.
  6. Select the View Results button.
  7. Select the Excel Spreadsheet link.
  8. Save the file to known location.  

You have successfully processed an award authorization.

End of procedure.