Checklist Table 11h

This page is used to set up the name and assign items to a specific checklist.

  • Effective Date: Input the earliest date the checklist can be assigned
  • Status: This needs to be set as active for the checklist to be able to be assigned
  • Description: The name of the Checklist (viewed by student in Self-Service)
  • Function: Select the Administrative function; please note items not assigned to the administrative function selected in the step above will not be selectable in the item list.
  • Checklist Type: Select from drop down
  • Due Days: This is for the entire checklist, item due dates can be set separately but all items must be set within the maximum checklist due days
  • Due Date: If the checklist has a specified due date
  • Tracking Group: If using tracking groups for checklist items
  • Item List: Add all item codes that will be displayed on the checklist.  Items will be displayed in numerical order based on the sequence order.  



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