Communication Set Up

Understanding Administrative Functions

When setting up a new communication, you will need to select an administrative function.  The administrative functions are tied to variable data in the system, which links to specific fields of information that can be used as a part of the communication.  Please see the Administrative Functions QRG for details on Administrative Functions.

Letter Codes

Letter code set-up is done by ERP support, please submit a ticket to request a new Letter Code

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Standard Letter Table CS

  1. Use Add a New Value tab to create a new letter code or find an existing value to review/modify a current letter code.

Communication Context Table

The communication context links the method of communication to incoming or outgoing and a specified letter code (if applicable).  Multiple methods can be connected to one context code.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Communication Context Table

  1. Enter any information you have and click the Search button.  
  2. Leave fields blank for a list of all values.
  3. A new context can be created by selecting add a new value or a new method can be added to an existing context by selecting the context based on the institution in finding an existing value.
Communication Context Table

Communications Category Table

Communication categories are used to group communication contexts to a category that will be connected to 3C groups for security.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Communication Category Table

  1. New letter codes do not require a change to this page, but a new context should be added to an existing category, this should be done by adding a new effective dated row.  
  2. If an existing category does not pertain to the new context, a new category can be created using Add a New Value.

Communication 3C Group

3C Groups are a part of row level security that is assigned to a specific user.  Users will have access to all of the communication contexts that are grouped into the category assigned to a 3C Group.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Communication 3C Groups

Communication 3C Groups

Communication Speed Keys

Speed Keys are used to speed the data entry of communications and used in batch processes for communication assignment.

NOTE:   Users must have the speed keys in their user defaults to be able to use the speed key function.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Communication Speed Keys

NOTE:  A speed key links the category, context and communication into one code for easy data entry by the user.  These are not effective dated, add new value by clicking the + symbol, review/modify existing speed keys by scrolling or click the View All link.

User Defaults Communications Speed Keys

Users will need to add Speed Keys to their User Default page to have access to use it.  

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > User Defaults

On the Communications Speed Keys tab and add Speed Keys for each Administrative Function: 

  1. Multiple Administrative Functions can be selected by clicking the [+] sign under the top blue Administrative Function bar.
  2. Multiple Speed Keys can be added for each Administrative Function by clicking the [+] sign under the lower blue Comm Key bar.  

3Cs Group Security

In order for a user to be able to view or assign 3C items, they must have security to the 3C groups in which the items are assigned.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Security > Secure Student Administration > User ID > 3C Group Security

  1. Security for 3C Groups can be given to view, update or delete 3C items.  
    1. Security Administrators will need to be notified if new 3C groups are created or if user access needs to be assigned or modified.  

NOTE:  At this point the communications Set Up is complete and the new codes can be manually assigned and updated for individual students.

Event Definition

Events connect processes or field changes in the system to the assignment of specific 3C functions.  This page identifies which communications, comments and checklists will be assigned based on a system trigger.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Event Definition

  1. A new event definition is set up for each new letter code using the Communication keys created in step below.

Event 3C Groups

Events are actions taken in the system that can automatically trigger the assignment of a communication.  Similar to communication 3C Groups, this page links the security access for specific events to individual users through the same 3C Groups.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Event 3C Groups

Trigger Definition

Trigger definition connects the event definition to the specific system action that will trigger the assignment of the 3C item.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Trigger Definition

  1. To set up a new trigger, users need to select a record and an action in the system that will cause the event to occur.  (There are no current set ups for 3C triggers).  
    1. Below is an example of a trigger on an event that will occur when a student is admitted to a specific program.
Trigger Definition

Run the 3C Engine

The 3C engine process must be run or scheduled for the 3C item to be assigned to the user, unless the item is assigned manually to an individual user.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > 3C Engine > Run 3C Engine

  1. The 3C engine can be set to run from defined triggers, from a population selection tool such as a query or via a mass change set-up.  
  2. This page is used to identify the selection criteria and identify the Event ID that is shown below.
  3. Duplicate Assignment can be managed on the Manage Duplicate Assignment tab based on the variable data available from the selected administrative function.  
Trigger Definition


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