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Message Center - Sending an Individual Student Message without a Template

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to send an individual student message using Message Center in ctcLink.

Audience:  Student Services Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > HighPoint > Message Center > Create a Thread

Sending an Individual Student Message on this page does not assign a communication code to a student.  If the college wants to track sent messages using a Communication Code on the Communication Management page, the Message Center message will need to be sent via the batch process.

  1. Input Student ID.
  2. Select the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Input the required information:
    1. Institution:  Select from drop down list
    2. Department:  Select Department that is sending the message.
    3. Regarding:  Select the general message area.
    4. Subject:  Input the specific message subject.
    5. Allow Replies:  Selecting this check box will allow the  student to respond to the message via the Message Center interface.  (*See QRG on managing message center replies).
    6. Expire Thread:  Select this check box to have the message automatically removed from the student's Message Center account. When selected, indicate the specific Amount of Time or Fixed Date that the message will be available to the student.
Create a New Thread page

When setting message expiration, please note, that messages are not automatically removed from the student's Message Center box on the date specified.  A global batch process has to be run to remove expired threads.  This process will be scheduled and run by ERP Support.

  1. Input message text.
  2. Upload desired image files by using the Upload tab.
    1. Add alternative text to all images by using the Image Info tab after images have been uploaded.
  1. Select the Save button.
  2. To verify student messages sent/received users can view the messages in the Student Services Center. (Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Student Services Center (Student)).
  3. Unread messages will display as Unread.
Student Center tab


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