Communications - Create a Communication Data Source

Purpose:  Use this document to create PS Queries for any additional data elements that are needed besides the Generic Process Data.

Audience:  ERP Support Staff

Communication Data Sources and Report Definitions are set up by ERP Support. This QRG gives a details regarding the process but college users will need to submit an ERP support ticket to have these created

Create a Communication Data Source

Navigation:  Main Menu > Campus Community > Communications > Set Up Communications > Communication Data Source

  1. Register the Data Source in order to generate the XSD schema for the communication.
Communication Data Source
Fields tab
View SQL tab
Register Data Source button
  1. Create a New Report Definition if one does not exist.

(Navigation:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Report Definition)

Report Definition Add a New Value
  1. Select Data Source Type (XMLDoc Object).
Report Definition Data Soruce Type field
  1. Select the Data Source ID created in step 1.
Report Definition Data Source ID field
  1. Enter the Report Description.
Report Properties Report Description field
  1. Select the Report Category ID to provide access to this report definition.
Report Properties Report Category ID field
  1. Select Template Type RTF
Report Properties Template Type field
  1. Click Data Schema to download the XML Schema (XSD) that will be used to create the RTF template for the communication.
Data Schema link
  1. Click on the Template tab.
Template tab
  1. Enter the Template ID, Description and Channel.
Template tab

At this point move on to create the RTF template that will be uploaded to the Template File. One may choose to not leave the page and use the downloaded XSD to create the RTF template and then return to this page to complete the remaining steps.

Creating RTF Template

Download and install the BI Publisher Plug-in for Microsoft Word from Oracle website or use the following navigation in the PeopleSoft instance:  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Setup > Designer Helper

Once installed correctly the BI Publisher tab appears on the ribbon for Microsoft Word.

Design Helper
  1. Open a new Word document and save as .rtf.
  2. On the BI Publisher tab of the Microsoft Word access ribbon, click on XML Schema.
Word example
  1. Select the XSD definition saved from Creating Report Definition.
Word example
  1. "Data Loaded Successfully" message appears.
Word example
  1. Click on Field button on the BI Publisher ribbon to select the Data tag that you would like to include in the RTF Template.  (These data tags resolve to the actual data from the Database at run time).
Word example
Word example

The data tags have tree like structure and are the combination of the Generic process data and the Custom PS Query fields from the Communication Data Source.

  1. Save the RTF template.

One can download the template and make changes by repeating Step 3 to Step 5 to include any additional data tags or delete any data tags.

  1. Upload the RTF Template file.
Template tab
  1. Change the status of the Template file to Active.
Template tab
  1. Change the Report Status on the Definition tab to Active.
Definition tab


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