Running the Identify Age 50 Extensions

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to run the Age 50 Extensions for 403b and 457 savings plans in ctcLink. Run this process separately for each limit type, ie: 457 and 402(g).

Audience: Benefits Administrator

Running the Age 50 Extensions:

This process identifies and allows for those employees eligible for the 457 15 year catch-up, and the 403(b) age 50 extensions, to have the additional deduction limit of $6,000.00 added to their 457 and 403(b) plan.  The 402(g) is the limit type for the 403(b) plan.  This process should be ran prior to payroll processing.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Benefits > Monitor Savings Pln Extensions > Identify Age 50 Extensions

NOTE: Run this process separately for each limit type, ie: 402(g) and 457.

  1. Enter the RunControlID or select Adda New Value
  2. Click Search
Add a New Value tab
  1. Enter the As of Date (this is the last day of the calendar year for which the Age 50 extension applies)
  2. Enter the Company or select from the search icon.
  3. Select the Limit extension that you want to run.
  4. Enter the amount specified by the IRS.
  5. Select Run

Note: You can run this on individual employees if needed but typically you will run it for the entire company.

Reprot Request Parameters section
  1. Go to the Process Monitor and select Refresh to see when the process has completed successfully.
Process List tab


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