Transmitting Payroll Data to A/P - 13j

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for sending payroll data to AP for payment to vendors in ctcLink.

Audience: Payroll Administrator

Payroll Data to A/P

Payroll for North America is used to send taxes, benefits, garnishments, and voluntary deductions withheld from employee paychecks directly to Payables for payment. Payables issues payment in the form of checks or electronic fund transfers as required by the third-party, and makes the appropriate general ledger entries.

The diagram below illustrates the Payables interface processing for sending deductions to ctcLink (PeopleSoft) Payables.

Flow Chart Example


Note: The pay run must be confirmed before extracting deductions. In addition, the Non-Commitment Accounting GL Interface process (PAYGL01 or PAYGL01A), must run successfully before extracting deductions.

To extract and send deduction vouchers to Payables:

Navigation: Main MenuPayroll for North AmericaPayroll DistributionAccounts Payable Information (see options)

  1. Run one or more extract processes to move selected deductions into temporary tables for viewing.

ctcLink enables extraction of nontax deductions and U.S. federal, state, or local taxes and updates the AP Status field on the Review Paycheck component (PAY_CHECK) with an X to indicate that the deduction has been extracted for payment through Payables.

File list
  1. Review and validate proposed payments.
    • Review AP Extract-Headers displays summary data by vendor.
    • Review AP Extract-Lines displays details of deductions.
    • AP Extract Audit report (PAYXTRCT) lists details of extracted nontax deductions.
File list
  1. Run the Send Vouchers to AP process (PYAP_VCHPOST), to create and send the vouchers to Payables.

ctcLink updates the AP Status field on the Review Paycheck component (PAY_CHECK) with an S to indicate that the deduction has been sent, and clears deductions from the temporary tables.

File list
  1. Review the Process Monitor to confirm that the voucher records were successfully sent.


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