Creating PDF Check and Advice Forms - 13f

Purpose:  Use this document to create PDF checks and advice forms.

Audience:  Payroll

Creating PDF Advice Forms

Navigation:  Main Menu  Payroll for North America  Payroll Processing USA  Create Direct Deposit  Create PDF Advice Forms

  1. Enter an existing Run Control ID or Click the Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID.
  2. Click the Add button.
Add a New Value tab
  1. Click the Pay Run ID lookup icon and select the appropriate pay run ID.
  2. Click the Both radio button.
  3. Enter the number of days prior to pay day that you want the employees to be able to view the payroll information in employee self-service.  Always use a negative to indicate days prior to pay day.
  4. Click Run.
Report Request Parameters
  1. Select the PSUNX option from the Server Name drop-down menu. (This information may default.)
  2. Click the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request
  1. Click the Process Monitor link and make note of the Process Instance.
Create PDF Advice Forms
  1. Click the Refresh button until the Run Status field is Success and the Distribution Status field is Posted.


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