TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct Report

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for using the custom report TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct in ctcLink

Audience: Benefits Administrators, Payroll Administrators

Navigation:  Main Menu > Payroll for North America > CTC Custom > CTC Reports > TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct

  1. This report will be used by Payroll Administrators to help identify those TIAA-CREF 7.5 and 10 Percent plans to charge the excess above 6 Percent to correct fund.  It does not redistribute the funds, it merely identifies those that need redistribution.
  2. Create a Run Control ID if you are running this for the first time
  3. Enter the Run Control Parameters for:
    • Company (college code)
    • From Date (the dates you choose here will either catch Pay End Dates or not in the report)
    • To Date
  4. Click Run
  5. Check the Process Monitor for Process Name CTC_R_268_AE until it says Success/Posted
Run Control Parameters section
  1. Click the link Go back to TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct at the bottom of the Process Monitor page
  2. Click the link Report Manager
  3. Click on the CTC_BENF_ACC-TIAA-CREF Over Pct.xlsx link
  4. Click on the TIAA-CREF Over Pct.xlsx link
Distribution Details section
  1. Report contains the following fields (most of these are taken from the HR Accounting Line tables):
    • EMPLID
    • PAY END DATE (based on your date selection in the prompt)
    • PAYR ACCT (current account being charged)
  2. At the bottom of the report, there is a summary where totals are displayed
  3. Use the results of this report to adjust from current PAYR ACCT to the needed new account.  
    • This will take the cooperation of the local Finance professionals in General Ledger. Contact your local GL accountant to follow the needed adjustment procedure.


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