Balloon Payment Processing in PeopleSoft

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to create Balloon Payment Calendars, attach them to employee jobs and run the process in Payroll in ctcLink.

Audience:  Payroll Administrators, HR Administrators

Create a Balloon Payment Calendar

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > CTC Custom > Balloon Payment ID Table

  1. Navigate to the page and, if this is the first time entering a Balloon Calendar for a college , click Add a New Value.
    • When adding a new value, enter the Company code (college code) and click Add
    • Otherwise, search by Company code (college code)
    • Every ID set is unique to the Company so every school will have their own Balloon Payment IDs
  2. Enter an Effective Date for the ID table
    • If you need to add more Balloon Payment IDs in the future, the user will have to add a new effective dated row
  3. Enter a Balloon Payment ID
    • Follow the ID naming criteria established by your school
    • It can only be 2 characters, alpha or numeric (e.g. 01, 5B, FF)
  4. Enter a Description for the Balloon Payment ID
    • This will describe your calendar to the HR Admin who assigns them to employees
    • It is 30 characters long so the description should be very short
  5. Enter a Schedule for the Balloon Payment ID
    • This must correspond with the payroll period desired for processing (e.g. 01A, 01B, 02A, etc.)
    • It only has to be indicated once for use in the future, a calendar created in 2017 will be good for every year following
  6. Enter a Salary Multiplier for the Balloon Payment ID
    • This will represent the amount of the salary the employee will receive in addition to their regular salary
    • For a multiplier of 5, if an employee gets $1000 per pay period, they would get on the indicated payroll period $1000 + $5000 = $6000.
Balloon Payment IDs section
Attach a Balloon Payment Calendar to an Employee

Navigation:  Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

  1. Look up the employee that needs to have a Balloon Payment Calendar attached to their Job.
  2. Select the correct Empl Record to attach the calendar to.
  3. Add a row to the Job Data with the correct Effective Date and Action/Action Reason.
    • Data Change is recommended if this is not being added to a Hire record
  4. Navigate to the CTC Job Data tab.
  5. Click the lookup next to Balloon Payment ID on the page.
  6. Select the correct Balloon Payment ID for that employee.
  7. Save the row in Job Data.


Job Information page, look up balloon payment ID section
Loading Balloon Payments in Payroll

Navigation:  Main Menu > Payroll for North America > CTC Custom > CTC Processes > Load Balloon Payments

  1. This process can be run any time after paysheets have been generated for a given payroll.
    • Typically it would be expected that this would be run with the other custom CTC Processes as needed
  2. Navigate to the Load Balloon Payments page, and create a Run Control ID by clicking Add a New Value if this is the first time coming to this page as a user.  Otherwise, hit Search to access the existing Run Control.
  3. Enter the Company (College) code.
  4. Enter the Pay Period End Date.
  5. Enter the Balloon Payment ID.
    • Upon selection of the Balloon Payment ID, the Schedule and Salary Multiplier will fill themselves in for informational purposes
  6. The Pay Period End Date must match the Schedule indicated through the Balloon Payment ID or the process will not run.
  7. Click Run and OK.
  8. Examine the Process Monitor until the process CTC_BPAY_AE indicates the Run Status of Success and Distribution Status of Posted.
  9. At this time, the log from the process is available for validation in conjunction with Payroll data, by clicking the Details link next to the process Distribution Status.
Process Request Parameters section


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