Creating Pay Calendars 13a

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to create Pay Calendars in ctcLink. (Pay calendars for the following year are typically created prior to September 15th of the current year).

Audience: Payroll Administrator

Creating Pay Calendars

Use pay calendars to schedule payroll cycles for your pay groups. Each entry on the pay calendar corresponds to a specific pay period, defined by its begin and end dates, for a pay group. A semi-monthly pay group has 24 entries in the pay calendar, representing one year of processing.

The Create Pay Calendars process is an automated process that creates all calendars for the year for a specific pay group based on the set up in the Create Pay Calendars page.

You must create a calendar entry for every pay period for each pay group you set up.

You must also assign a Pay Run ID to each calendar entry before you run the payroll. See the “Creating Payroll IDs” QRG for more details.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up  HCM > Product Related > Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing Controls > Create Pay Calendars

  1. Select the Run Control ID.
  2. Enter the Company or select from the lookup icon.
  3. Enter the Pay Group or select from the lookup icon.
  4. Enter the Pay Period End Date or select from the calendar. (Typically, the ending day of the 1st pay period in the year is entered.)
  5. Enter the Check Dt Days From Pay End Dt (Number of days from the pay period end date to the pay date. Typically, the number 10 is entered.)
  6. The Pay Periods Per Year auto populate because the system calculates the number of pay periods per year based on your pay group set up (e.g. 24)
  7. Select Run .
Create Pay Calendars page
  1. Go to the Process Monitor to verify the process has run successfully.
Process List tab
  1. Go to the Pay Calendar Table to review the new calendars created by the automated process you just ran.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Product Related > Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing Controls > Pay Calendar Table

Pay Calendar Table

You will need to go to each pay period and review the paycheck issue date to make sure it is correct. Using the automated method sets the paycheck issue date out by the number of days specified in your set up on the Create Pay Calendars screen (see step 5 above)

  1. If the paycheck issue date is incorrect, you can change it here and then select Save.
  2. You should also validate each calendar for accuracy in all fields and make changes as needed.
Pay Calendar Table tab


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