Automated Step Increment

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to run the automated step increase process in ctcLink.

Audience: HR Administrator.

Automated Step Increment

This process automatically moves employees to the next salary step when they have completed the required time in the current step.  This process selects the employees that are eligible for a step increase and loads their records to a temporary table.  The system inserts a new job data row for employees who meet the data in the Hours or Months to Next Step increment fields.  

Navigation:  Compensation > Base Compensation > Maintain Plans > Automated Step Increment

  1. Enter or search for the Run Control ID or select Add a New Value
Search Criteria
  1. In the Report Request Parameters section, select the Action from the drop down menu
  2. Select the Reason from the search icon
  3. Check the Update Future Rows box
  4. In the Step Increment Type section, select the Date Based radio button
  5. In the Dates section, Enter the From Date and End Date (or select from the calendar icon)
  6. In the Process By section, select the Sal Admin Plan radio button
  7. In the Salary Administration Plan section, select the Business Unit and Sal Plan
  8. Select Save then Run
Automated Step Increment

NOTE: When you click Run on the Automated Step Increase page, the system displays a page that allows you to run the three steps in this process.  Use the Process List section of the Process Scheduler page to schedule individual process to run:

NOTE:  The system only looks back 12 months from the last Step Entry Date.  If the date is older than the 12 month look back period, a manual step increase will need to be processed.  See Entering Pay Increases Using Steps QRG.

Follow these steps to run the Calculate Automated Step Increase process:

  1. On the Process Scheduler Request page, run process HR_CMP007 to select eligible employees.
  2. (Optional) Run SQR report CMP007 to review the data selected.
  3. Run application engine HR_SP_C1 to update Job Data pages for selected employees.

NOTE: You can also run JOB007 (Automated Step Increase).  This job runs steps 1 and 3 above.  It does not run an SQR report for you to review the data selected.

Process Scheduler Request


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