Pre-Payroll Processing Checklist

Purpose: Use this checklist to verify if all the reports and queries have been run to identify any actions to be taken before the payroll is processed.

Audience: HR, Benefits, Time & Labor and Payroll Admins

NOTE:  This is a checklist to be used as a guidance tool and the process/reports need not be run in any particular order

Office Only on A or B or Both payrolls Process  Description Navigation (Process Name)  Quick Reference Guide  Comments/Purpose of execution
HR A Step Increment process Run this process to automatically move employees to the next salary step when they have completed the required time in the current step. Compensation > Base Compensation > Maintain Plans > Automated Step Increment

Automated Step Increase

Benefits Both Identify Age 50 Extensions  Run this process to identify and allow those employees eligible for the 457 15 year catch-up, and the 403(b) age 50 extensions, to have the additional deduction limit of $6,000.00 added to their 457 and 403(b) plan. The 402(g) is the limit type for the 403(b) plan.  Main Menu > Benefits > Monitor Savings Pln Extensions > Identify Age 50 Extensions


Running the Identify Age 50 Extensions

Benefits/Payroll Both TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct Report Identify those TIAA-CREF 7.5 and 10 Percent plans to charge the excess above 6 Percent to correct fund Main Menu > Payroll for North America > CTC Custom > CTC Reports > TIAA-CREF Over 6 Pct (CTC_R_268_AE)

TIAA-CREF Over 6 pct Report

HR/Payroll 06A / every summer quarter Attach a Balloon Payment Calendar to an Employee Attach the Balloon Payment Calendar to the Job Data of the employee who is scheduled to receive an additional amount to their regular salary

Main Menu > Set Up HCM > CTC Custom > Balloon Payment ID Table

Balloon Payment Processing in PeopleSoft
Every summer quarter  - 06A payroll 
HR Both Run Query QHC_MISSING_STD_HRS_FREQ Identify Employees with missing work period  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_MISSING_STD_HRS_FREQ
Changing the pay rate/actual amount of salary on Job Data, after the Step Increase process
Benefits Both Run New hire checklist Query

Ensure all the below items are entered for new hires: ACA

Benefit Code,LTD,Retirement default for Classified,VEBA,VEBA site,HCA Avg Cost if appropriate,Any elections already made

Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer


Benefits Both Assign ACA Status Assign ACA Employment Status to new hires Main Menu > Benefits > CTC Custom > Assign ACA Status

Assigning ACA Status

Benefits Both Run Query QHC_BA_ENROLLED_RETIREMENT  Employee enrolled in retirement plan  Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_BA_ENROLLED_RETIREMENT 
remove duplicates and verify each pay group in right plan
Benefits Both Run Query CTC_MED_NO_VEBA Employee enrolled in medical plan  without VEBA Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > CTC_MED_NO_VEBA
Verify those with benefits have veba 
Benefits Both Run Query QHC_BA_FSA_DCAP_NO_FSA_FEE  Employee enrolled in FSA or DCAP w no FSA Admin Fee Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_BA_FSA_DCAP_NO_FSA_FEE 
to check that all employees with FSA/Dcap are also enrolled for fee
Benefits Both Run Query

Employees enrolled in LTD Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_BA_EE_LTD_ENR 
Run LTD query and enter pay line edits for  PT faculty

calculate based on salary in FWL pshup in PR data and their % election

SBCTC Jobs Both Run the Benefits Auto Enrollment Process (E-188) Benefits Auto Enrollment process that must be run at each pay end date. Main Menu > Benefits > CTC Custom > CTC Processes > Benefits Auto Enrollment


Understanding HCA and PeopleSoft Enrollment
It acts as a failsafe for certain general enrollments (particularly the HCA Average Cost) ; At employment termination, terminate all benefit plans and change Benefit Program to SB0 (no benefits)
Payroll Both Run Query QHC_PY_NON_UNION_PAYING_UNION Active employees where union dues are being deducted that are not in the Union. Deduction codes: 000205, 000206, 000208 and 00210. Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_PY_NON_UNION_PAYING_UNION
Runs by Pay Period End date and Company.

Remove dues if needed
Payroll/HR Both Run Query CTC_HR_SEPARATION This query displays Employee data where separated by prompted Effective Date range and Company.  Includes FTE, DEPT, Last Check Dt, Name, Company Seniority Date, JobCode, Position. Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > CTC_HR_SEPARATION
Used to check who is terminating and if their deductions need to be taken off/removed 
Payroll Both Run Query ERE_PERSDATA_ADDRESS_W_CO Mailing Address Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer >ERE_PERSDATA_ADDRESS_W_CO  
Update Mailing Addresses 
Payroll Both Run Query

Employees missing L&I general deduction Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer >


Time&Labor Both Run Query

Unapproved Leaves Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > CTC_UNAPPROVED_LEAVE 
Take care of outstanding submitted leave
Time&Labor Both Run Query

Unpaid Leaves Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > CTC_UNPAID_LEAVE
Take care of leave taken that exceeds balances
Time&Labor Both Run Query


Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > CTC_TL_PAY_TIME_BY_PERIOD 
Before finalizing Time and Labor on each payroll run this query to look for employees using odd Time Reporting Codes (snow removal, suspended operations, etc.) to correct them prior to finalizing T&L.
Benefits Both Run query


Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query Viewer > QHC_BA_TIAA_BY_AGE 
To verify that the employees in SBRP retirement plan are in the correct plan based on their age