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Entering and Updating Electronic Address (Email) 11c

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for entering electronic address information in ctcLink.

Audience: College Staff responsible for maintaining student information.

Navigation:  Main Menu → Campus Community → Personal Information → Biographical → Addresses/Phones → Electronic Addresses

  1. On the Electronic Addresses page, enter your search criteria and click the Search button.
  2. If applicable, click the name of the person requiring a new or updated electronic address on the list of search results.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. On the Electronic Addresses page enter or edit the email type, email address, and preferred status for the address.
Electronic Addresses page
  1. To add an additional address, click the Add button and repeat Step 3 for the new address.
Electronic Addresses tab
  1. After all electronic addresses are entered, check the Preferred box next to the primary contact address.

Note: Students may only have one email address per type and only one preferred email for all types.

Preferred box
  1. To remove an address:
    1. Click the minus sign to the right of the address.
    2. Click the OK button when prompted to confirm the deletion.
    3. After all changes have been made, click the Save button.
Delete Confirmation


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