Viewing SEVIS Alerts 11m

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for running the SEVIS Alerts Process in ctcLink.

Audience: International Admissions Staff.

Navigation:  Main Menu → Campus Community → SEVIS → F/M Alerts → Select Alerts to Report –F/M

By using the SEVIS school code and batch ID for F and M visas, you are also able to review errors, enter additional data, and indicate if the event should be submitted to SEVIS. You can also indicate if a new I-20 form is needed for the individual. The SEVIS school code and batch ID information are keyed to the data on the Select Alerts to Report - F/M component. The batch ID is a unique number generated by the alerts process.

  1. SEVIS School Code: Input or Look Up.
  2. Compare Batch ID: Input or leave blank to select from list.
  3. Click the Search button.
Find an Existing Value tab

Note: Allows users to filter the results based on selections.

  1. On the Selection Tab:  Click Apply to filter results.
  2. Click Show All or Clear to remove filters.
Selection tab
  1. On the Alerts Header tab.
  2. For each student listed, select links to update information.
  3. Select Send To from drop down.
Alerts Heade4r tab
  1. In the Errors tab, click the Details link on students listed.
Errors tab

Note: Errors indicate transactional data that is missing or that needs to be changed before submission to SEVIS.

  1. Click the Save button.


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