Edit Asset Operational Information

Purpose:  Use this document to change the Custodial Department ID (but it can be used to change other details of an asset such as Manufacture ID, serial number, description, and etc.).

Audience:  Asset Managers

Navigation: Main Menu> Asset Management> Asset Transactions> Owned Assets> Define Asset Operational Info

  1. Enter the Business Unit and Asset Identification or Tag Number.  
  2. Selelct Search.
  1. The Asset will display.
  2. Scroll down to the Custodian Information section and locate the Department field.
  3. Change Department field as needed.
  4. Select Save.
Asset Information tab

Note  if you get the following error, the role of Financial Asset Manager must be added to your roles by your college IT area before you can continue.

Message example
  1. The edit will be accepted.

You have now updated the Custodian Information to a new Department id.


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