Adjust Asset Information - 24b

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for adjusting asset information in ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Asset Manager, Facilities Asset Manager

The Asset Cost Adjust/Transfers page can be used to correct asset information errors.

Navigation: Main Menu > Asset Management > Asset Transactions > Financial Transactions > Cost Adjust/Transfer Asset

Adjusting Asset Information

  1. Use the Asset Cost Adjust/Transfer page to enter search criteria for the asset:
    1. If it did not default, enter or select the appropriate business unit in the Business Unit field.
    2. Enter the asset in the Asset Identification field. Note: If you don’t know the asset ID, you can continue to enter search criteria, and after clicking the Search button, select the appropriate Asset Identification number from the list provided.
    3. Enter any other information that you have and then click the Search button.
Find an Existing Value tab

Note: The search results takes you directly to the Main Transactions page for the selected asset.

  1. Use the Main Transaction page to perform a financial transaction on an asset:
    1. Use the Action drop-down button to select the ‘Adjustment’ option.
    2. Click the GO! button.

Note: If the asset you are adjusting is a parent or child asset, you will receive a message letting you know that there is an associated asset. Click the Ok button to acknowledge the message.

  1. Use the Cost Information page to enter or adjust the cost information required by the transaction that you initiated from the Main Transaction page:
    1. If necessary, adjust the quantity in the Quantity field.
    2. Enter the new adjusted cost of the asset in the Cost field.
    3. Click the Apply button.

Note: The system automatically adjusts the values in the Quantity and Cost fields by the amounts specified in the Adjust All Rows By fields.

  1. Click the Save button.

Next, navigate to the Cost History List page to review the asset information.

Navigate: Main Menu > Asset Management > Asset Transactions > History > Review Cost

Reviewing Asset Cost History

  1. Use the Cost History List page to view the history of an asset's transactions.

Note: The page displays the total quantity and cost adjusted for this asset. The quantity and cost are adjusted in all cost rows.


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