Viewing Depreciation - 24e

Purpose: Use this document to view different page tabs to view depreciation.

Audience:  Finance Staff

Navigation:  Main Menu > Asset Managment > Depreciation > Review Depreciation Info > Asset Depreciation

  1. Enter valid value in the Asset Identification field.
  2. Click Search.
Find an Existing Value tab
  1. Use the Asset tab/page to view a summary of basic asset and depreciation information.
Asset tab
  1. Click the Depreciation tab.

For regular asset, use the Depreciation page to calculate an asset's net book value and view its depreciation information for the year.  For parent-child assets, use the page to calculate net book value.  Deperciation information, by year, does not appear.

  1. Click the Period Depreciation.

Use the Period Depreciation page to view depreciation for periods that you specified when you entered asset.


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