Posting Vouchers in Batch -10f

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for posting vouchers in batch in ctcLink.

Audience: Accounts Payable staff

After a voucher has been approved, budget checked and matched, it is eligible for posting.  You can post vouchers on demand from the Voucher's Invoice Information page.  This guide will help you post vouchers in batch.

Posting Vouchers in Batch

Navigation: Accounts Payable> Batch Processes> Vouchers> Voucher Posting

  1. Create or select a Run Control:
    1. Enter a value for Request ID
    2. Enter a Description
    3. Set the Process Frequency to Always Process
    4. Select a Voucher Option (Post Business Unit or Post Voucher for example)
    5. Set the Prepayment Application Method to Invoicing Supplier
  2. Configure the Post Voucher List (by specifying a business unit or selecting vouchers for example).
Process Request Parameters
  1. Click the Run button.
  2. Select the PS/AP Voucher Posting process.


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