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Unmatching an Accounts Payable Voucher- 10g

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for Unmatching an Accounts Payable voucher in ctcLink.

Audience: Finance Staff 

Note:  Only vouchers in a Matched or Manually Overwritten status are eligible for UnMatching.  Running the matching process for a voucher locks certain fields from edits and UnMatching a voucher will unlock those fields for you to edit again.  You will need to re-run the matching process for the voucher after making those edits before it can continue to be processed.

Navigation: Main Menu → Accounts Payable → Review Accounts Payable Info → Voucher → Match Workbench

Matching Workbench

  1. Enter search information to find the voucher you want to unmatch
  2. Click Search (Search Results will appear on same page)
Match Workbench

UnMatching a Voucher

  1. Check the UndoMatch box for the voucher(s) to unmatch
  2. Select UndoMatching in the Action dropdown list
  3. Click Run

NOTE:  Clicking the Run button may redirect you to the Process Monitor.  Once the process has completed successfully, you can return to the now UnMatched voucher for editing – you will notice that those Invoice Information fields that were locked after the voucher was Matched are now available for editing.  **Once edits have been made to the targeted voucher, you will need to re-run Matching for that voucher before it can continue to be processed.

Invoice Information tab


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